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Here it is!  My first post.

Hi, I’m Nate. I’ve found through my years of business ownership, product planning and strategy, MBA courses, Non-Profit treasury and engineering that tying math and business analysis for decisions together comes fairly easy for me.  With that in mind, I figured I should try writing a few blogs about the specific methods for business decisions that I’ve used.  I’ve always enjoyed writing, and it helps to solidify how something was done if I write it down.

Decision Tools and Topics I can easily cover:

  • P&L Forecasting
  • Simple Business Cases (To Invest or Not to Invest)
  • Pricing to cover costs
  • Control Charting of your finances (make sure your business data is in control)
  • Flexible Budgeting
  • Allocation Strategies
  • Measuring Marketing Returns
  • Data Collection Techniques
  • Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • Six Sigma Methodologies
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Risk Categorization
  • Risk Frameworks
  • Sales Funnels

So, here we go!  If you have specific topics that you’d love to hear about please let me know.

Nate Kaemingk, MBA, 6SBB


Where will your business be in six months?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could predict what your P&L and Cash balance will be six months from now? How about if you could try a few decision scenarios you have in mind and see how they impact that prediction? We do that. We do forecasting and scenario planning.

Companies with accurate forecasts are more efficient, more effective,
more profitable, and make better decisions.

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